Leveraging private practice and in house legal experience with technology companies, David focuses on providing business advice and legal services to emerging and mature technology and manufacturing businesses. David provides the benefit of his experience as a law firm leader, CFO and General Counsel to start ups, existing businesses and other clients.

Baer Counsel – is a law firm focused on the legal needs of businesses in the greater Boston area and north of Boston. David is a successful and experienced corporate and business attorney who has led and managed two law firms and has served as in house counsel at technology companies. The Firm is committed to providing responsive and quality service. For more information about David see About Us.

Baer Counsel – provides a broad range of business law services to start ups, emerging businesses and mature businesses without the overhead and expense associated with traditional law firms. By leveraging David’s experience and the use of technology, legal fees are controlled and kept at a fraction of the cost of traditional law firms. For more information concerning the Firm’s areas of expertise see Services.

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